Program Details

Hifz, literally meaning “memorise” and in our religion; a Hafiz / Hafiza is a person who has memorised the Holy Quran (by the grace of Allah Al Mighty) and is able to recite the Holy Quran anywhere at any time without any help.

NOORI MASJID’S Hifz program is designed in such a manner which provide the students with a power to memorise the Holy Quran at an accelerated speed with proper tajwid.

All students will be placed in such an environment where teachers (mualims) will develop their interest in Quranic knowledge thus developing their minds to memorise the Holy Quran and at the end of the course (by the grace of Allah Al Mighty) they will be able to recite the Holy Quran without the help of the scripture.

Class Timings

Students can pick from either the weekday or weekend slot.
Weekdays: Monday – Thursday- 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Class Benefits

  • Separate Classes for Boys and Girls
  • Including Basic Islamiyat

Break Time

Prayer (Salah) break according to prayer timings slot.


  • Students must have completed the Nazra Program
  • Must be able to read the Holy Quran verbally with Tajwid