Program Details

Na’at, poetry in praise of our prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) with a perfect and beautiful voice always touches the heart.

NOORI MASJID’S Na’at program welcomes you to join and learn the way to perform the Na’at written by different poets. At our premises the students are provided with the best teachers (mualims), Na’at reciter’s (Na’at Khawan) and the best way of understanding the Na’at written by world renown poets. Here you can learn the fundamentals of controlling your voice when you perform, including breath support, accurate pitch leaps, and how to evaluate your own voice to keep improving.

By the end of the course in our Na’at program, the students would have undergone extensive study of the notable poets and Na’at reciter’s (Na’at Khawan) in the history of Islam.

Class Timings

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